LED Lighting

Why Choose LED?

Brilliant for Business, Industry & Education

Whether for Education, Business or Commercial use – making the switch to LED makes good financial sense. [View our LED savings Calculator]

Here’s 6 Reasons why!

Reason 1 – Reduced Energy Costs

LED gives a fantastic Return on Investment .We have helped businesses save several thousands of pounds per year – every year. With a typical return on your investment (ROI) being from a few months for lamps to around 12-48 months for LED panels or High Bays; See our examples below:

  • Example a – Household: 1 x LED GU10 replacement light bulb costing around £3.50 will save you around £6.00 per year for every bulb in energy costs. (= around 6-months to payback and a 195% return based on running just 3hrs per day at 14p KWh)
  • Example b – Industry: By Upgrading/Replacing 60 x 400W Traditional High Bay fittings with 36 x 160W LED High Bays in an industrial unit would save around £5,526 per annum @ 10p per KWh – That’s over £27,000 in 5 years! (= 1.5 years to pay back cost of LED High Bays)

Reason 2 – Reduce Maintenance and Cleaning costs

No lamps or tubes to change – LED panels are much easier to clean by comparison to fluorescent tubes. For high ceilings in Industrial building or factories the need for specialist machinery like scissor lifts or cherry pickers is reduced, as quality LED products can last 50,000 hours +.

Reason 3 – Improved Concentration and Environment

By upgrading poorly lit areas to LED there is evidence that LED lighting simulates daylight resulting in increased concentration and in cognitive achievement thus providing an improved environment for productivity or Study.

Reason 4 – Better for the Environment

LED uses less energy and therefore reduces your carbon footprint No harmful Chemicals or gases (e.g. Mercury) & fully Recyclable

Reason 5 – LED Lighting is instant on and off

No waiting for your lights to warm up as in conventional lighting & no reduced lumen output with old age or long usage.

Reason 6 – Longer Life with LED

A typical life span for LED lighting is 25,000+ hours, high quality LED lighting can last 50,000 hours or more. A typical conventional light bulb has a lifespan of 1,000 to 2,000 hours (1 – 2 years)



TOP LED TIP! To Reduce Operating Costs £££££

If you’re thinking about upgrading to LED Lighting, think about future operating costs – not lowest purchase cost – and watch your utility bills fall.

Businesses are often tempted to opt for Lighting Installations with the lowest quotation or purchase cost. Often this approach proves to be a false economy. Without doubt considering the future operating cost of Lighting before you make a commitment will help you make the right decision – one that will reduce future long term expense.