Animal Husbandry Lighting

Low-intensity LED Red Lighting

To keep your livestock and milking cows in good condition they require around 8 hours of darkness per day for adequate rest. Installing the appropriate LED night lighting (Red) you will be able to carry on working where necessary without disrupting the rest pattern of your herd as cattle are unable to detect any significant amount of red lighting.

However LED red light gives ample illumination for you to carry on with normal duties through the hours of darkness. By using integrated lighting that provides Led night light (Red) with normal white light you can save money on a secondary night lighting installation.

Modern LED technology lighting is not only far more efficient than conventional lighting saving money long term via your energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint, it also comprehensively benefits the field of animal husbandry, including farmers, universities, and research facilities.

Livestock can be influenced directly from appropriate lighting, the type and quantity of light can affect livestock growth, reproduction, milk yield and not least bovine wellbeing.

Andrews Electrical can offer LED livestock and Dairy lighting that can be tailored to your individual livestock requirements.

Lighting for Horses

Andrews Electrical Ltd understand that different livestock will require diverse types of lighting, fortunately todays LED lighting technology is able to cater to the variants required by your livestock whether it be light colour, distribution, brightness or intensity as well as length of time your livestock are exposed to lighting.

All of the elements mentioned will have an effect on your horses’ behaviour & wellbeing; at Andrews Electrical Ltd we aim to provide the correct balance for every customer and horse dependant on circumstances.

Independent research shows that installing the correct lighting combined with the length of time your horse is exposed to the light can have positive effects on horses. A light level of 150 to 200 Lux is an ideal for stable lighting. Horses generally prefer visual contact with other horses, in poorly lit or dark stables this is limited and can result in your horse developing certain boredom habits, such as, cribbing, wind sucking or weaving.

Lighting can also have a positive effect on horse breeding, by implementing an appropriate lighting program for your mares you can help influence hormone levels and fertility, this in turn improves the chances of avoiding the “winter dip” effect and therefor your mare is more likely to come into oestrus. Around 16 hours of the correct light followed by 8 hours of darkness should help to influence this.

Light distribution in riding arenas is another area to consider as the correct light distribution will help avoid lighting circles and shadows in the arena therefore helping with concentration for both horse and rider.

In short, installing the correct quality lighting with the appropriate Lux levels combined with a suitable lighting program will help you to achieve the following results for your equine friends:

  • More active & healthy horses
  • Better visual contact, (less boredom)
  • Improved fertility
  • No light circles & shadows in riding arenas
  • Improved wellbeing for your horses